Well, what about...

Q: What about a complete JS framework?

A: Frameworks can be great, but aren't so flexible. PikaJS frees you to create great web apps!

Q: Do you really need a JS library?

A: These days, plain vanilla JS does everything; PikaJS lets you do it faster!

Q: Is it hard to learn?

A: Most of PikaJS's goodies are similar to jQuery. Get rollin' fast!

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But wait - There's more!

PikaJS v3 also comes with 5 handy plugins to help you create new user experiences quickly:

Seeing is believing

Try out the following live demos that show some of what PikaJS can do for you.

TIP: Turn on Autoplay for this site in your browser before you start! 🤫

PikaJS Animate

Use PikaJS Animate along with CSS animation to make any HTML do anything you want!

Help Crazy Chicken cross the road:


PikaJS Hotkeys

Make any keystroke do whatever you want with PikaJS Hotkeys!

Try it out now:

Turn on Hotkeys

PikaJS Sortable

With PikaJS Sortable, you can drag-n-sort single or multiple rows/columns of any item.

Drag some Items around your Todo list:


Item #2

Item #3

Item #6

Item #8

In Progress

Item #10

Item #4

Item #5


Item #1

Item #7

Item #9

Or you can sort things horizontally:


Thing #1

Thing #2

Thing #3

Thing #4

Or even in a grid! Fix Crazy Chicken's home in the puzzle below:

PikaJS DatePicker

One datepicker to rule all your devices: PikaJS DatePicker!

Try it out now:

And don't forget the keyboard shortcuts:

PikaJS MultiSelect

Multiple-SELECT lists are a breeze with PikaJS MultiSelect!

Select some food for Crazy Chicken:

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